Shay Mitchell Reacts to Backlash Over Her Partying With Drake After Giving Birth

The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ alum claps back at people who mom-shamed her on social media after she posted a clip of her attending a party with her baby daddy.

AceShowbizShay Mitchell has hit back at critics who slammed the star for going out to celebrate Drake‘s 33rd birthday after giving birth.

The new mum took to Instagram on October 20 to announce she’d given birth to her first daughter with boyfriend Matte Babel, sharing a sweet photo of the little girl’s hand grasping at hers.

Three days after sharing the happy news, the “Pretty Little Liars” star posted videos of herself and Matte dancing to Young Thug‘s hit “The London” while partying for their pal’s birthday – with the post causing uproar among fans.

“Mother of the year award right here!!!!” raged one fan. “As if you seriously could leave your baby to go party?!!! I hope the child’s aid look into this and your abilities to be a good parent cause damn!!! Lacking some serious skills there sweety (sic)! #selfish.”

Taking to her Instagram Story on Tuesday, October 29, however, the actress hit out at followers who were shaming her, saying in a video clip: “I haven’t been really checking my comments that often, but apparently people are really upset that I left three days after having a kid to go out and party.”

She went on to clarify that “it wasn’t three days,” and explained she had not made the announcement on the same day that her daughter was born.

“Disgusting… leaving your newborn only days after birth,” another Instagram user wrote, to which the actress responded in the comments: “Days? Lol honey, just because I posted on that day doesn’t mean she was born on that day.”

Despite the negativity, fans rallied around the star to support her, with one penning: “Seriously, stop with the mom-shaming.”

“So she gave birth recently..doesn’t mean her life suddenly became prohibited and that she’s restricted to do certain things.”

Shay previously opened up in a YouTube clip about her experience giving birth, telling fans she had a mammoth 33-hour labour. The couple has yet to share details of the baby’s name and date of birth.

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