Snapchat’s New Cameo Feature Puts Your Face In The Funniest Videos

Snapchat is taking your Snaps a step further with the ability to place your face in some hilarious videos. As of Dec. 18, Snapchat’s new Cameo feature is available for users across the globe. The next time you want to use a meme to convey the perfect response, think again, because now, you can use your own face to create a meme-like video response to send to your friends.

To get started using Cameos, you’ll need to take a quick selfie first before you can put your face in videos. To create your first Cameo Selfie, click on a Chat, tap the smiley face icon next to the chat box, and then click the face with the plus sign on the bottom. Select a Cameos tile, and take your selfie.

If you don’t like your first selfie, you can change it immediately, as Snapchat will ask you if you’d like to use it or take another one. You can use the same selfie over and over if you’d like or choose to change it later. You can also choose to enable two-person Cameos with the two-person button, too. This means if any of your friends on Snapchat have their own Cameo selfie and have shared it, you’ll be able to see options for the a dual Cameo.

Now that you’ve got a Cameo Selfie set up, you can create and send Cameos to your BFFs.

How To Create And Send Cameos

1. Open up a Chat box between you and a friend.

2. Click the Smiley face next to the chat bar, then tap the Cameo icon at the bottom, which is a smiley face with a star.

3. Select your Cameo clip you want to send. There is a bar with different options to look through, just like with stickers.

4. Then, when you’re done, click "Send" to share it.

Before you send, you can preview your selected Cameo by clicking the "More" button and selecting "View Full Screen." You can also choose to put text in your Cameo if it’s available on your selected clip. To save a Cameo for yourself, press and and hold the video in your Chat, and then tap "Save to Camera Roll."

As of Dec. 18, there are approximately 150 different Cameo options to choose from on both iOS and Android, and Snapchat says it will continue to add additional ones each week. The feature is rolling out globally, but if you don’t see it right away, you can try updating your Snapchat app.

To change your Cameo Selfie once you’ve taken one, just follow the same steps you used to create one, and then select "More" and "New Selfie."

The new looped video on Cameo is totally going to step up your Snapchat game. With a long list of scenes to express your mood, this just might be the best thing since the inception of memes to begin with.

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