Stacey Solomon shares heartbreaking voice note detailing breastfeeding struggles

Stacey Solomon has given fans an insight into her headspace three days after she gave birth.

The Loose Women star, 30, spoke about her troubles with breastfeeding Rex, who she welcomed with boyfriend Joe Swash four-months ago, on her Here We Go Again podcast.

As she was joined by her colleague and pal Nadia Sawalha, the mother-of-three played a heartbreaking voicenote that she had sent Nadia a few days after she gave birth that heard her sobbing as she wept about her struggles and worries that she 'was crazy.'

Stacey explained that Nadia had sent her a message asking for an update, which she replied: "Thank you so much for the lovely message.

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"Umm, I hope you are enjoying your holiday. I am so jealous."

She then began welling up as she continued: “I am really struggling with it, I don’t want to bottle feed him because everyone will want to feed him and he is so small I don’t want anyone near him.

"But I am being so crazy."

As she sobbed, she spoke about getting help, as she told: "But I am just so, umm, just going to call these people. I had my health visitor out and she showed me in different positions but I think it is just the way his mouth is."

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Detailing her struggles to get Rex to latch on, the presenter explained: "You know, he hasn’t got a very big mouth and he can’t get it all the way around my nipple. So he just sucks on the top bit.

"It is so sore. I don’t know. He is really little and also I feel sad and I just want to put him back in my belly. I don’t want anyone to come near him, touch him, breathe on him, kiss him. People keep kissing him and I feel weird about it."

"I think I am going crazy."

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Trying to put on a brave face, she added: "Anyway ignore me, this is normal, I know this is normal and it will go away.

"Oh my god i can’t believe i am doing this to you on your holiday – I am sorry.

"Thank you for that link, I am going to see what they can do and hopefully there is some miracle to make this a bit easier.

"Hopefully when you are back I will be feeling like a pro and not like this, I love you loads."

After she played the clip, Stacey reflected to Nadia: "The saddest part of that message is the end because I really imagined I would get it right eventually and that was just a little blip and to start out with and i never really got it right. not that there is a right or wrong way but I didn’t get to breastfed how I wanted.

"It is so weird listening back as I was in such a weird place and I really thought I was going crazy!"

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