Stella McCartney Fit 5 Music and Hollywood Icons Into a Photo, and We're Framing It

What happens when you fit a famous fashion designer, three legendary musicians, and a brilliant actress into one selfie? Magic — pure magic. That’s what designer Stella McCartney gave us on Sunday when she shared an amazing photo with her father, Paul McCartney, along with Ringo Starr, Ronnie Wood, and Academy Award winner Emma Thompson. The five are seen in the snapshot, giving the camera smiles, funny faces, and peace signs. “Emma Thompson a couple of Beatles a stone and moi . . . kick ass tonight dad x Stella,” Stella captioned the post.

Paul is famously known as the bass guitarist and singer for The Beatles, and Ringo Starr is widely recognized as the band’s drummer. Ronnie Wood served as the guitarist and vocalist for The Rolling Stones. On Sunday, Paul and Ringo had a mini Beatles reunion in London when they performed “Get Back” at the O2 Arena with Ronnie on guitar — after they posed for that cute picture, of course.

The mere thought of so many icons in the same vicinity has me feeling dizzy, so I’m going to go lie down now — BRB.

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