Steph McGovern: ‘Sorry you don’t’ BBC Breakfast host hits out at viewer slamming show

Steph McGovern, 37, revealed Shop Well, For Less?, which she presents alongside Alex Jones, will be back for a fifth series.

However, the news didn’t go down well for one of her fans on Twitter, who said the BBC “will commission any old twaddle”.

Steph who is expecting her first child with her girlfriend, announced on Twitter: “Happy to say Shop Well For Less has been recommissioned for a fifth series. Thanks to everyone who has been watching!

“Series 4 continues tonight – 8pm @BBCOne @ShopWellForLess.”

So there are millions of people who like our ‘old twaddle’

Steph McGovern

One person replied to Steph: “The BBC will commission any old twaddle if the presenters tick the right boxes. That’s why it’s dying.”

Unsurprisingly, the BBC Breakfast host hit back at the comment, revealing it is a fan-favourite.

“And yet it still gets the biggest share of viewers whenever it is on,” the mum-to-be replied.

“So there are millions of people who like our ‘old twaddle’. Sorry you don’t.”

Others had questions of their own to ask Steph, with one asking why they swap expensive items with ones people already own.

Steph responded: “We use examples of where they have already spent a lot of money to help them with other things in those areas in the future.

“Plus it’s for the audience’s info just as much as it is for the specific family. And it’s not all about products. We cover loads of areas of spending.”

Another quizzed: “Why do you only help families that are well of and not those who need help and not those who don’t.”

“We have a mix… people in debt, single parent families etc,” Steph said.

She explained: “We just don’t make a big thing about how much money/debt they have because that’s not what it is about.

“It’s a show for everyone to take something away, not a show about poverty.”

Last month, Steph confirmed she was pregnant with her first child and tweeted to her fans: ”I see my news is out! Yep, I am no longer with pot belly……I am now with child #babyonboard.”

Steph, who has recently said she’s had a “rough start” in her pregnancy journey, received a message from Rachel Riley welcoming her to the “preggo club”.

The Countdown favourite tweeted to the BBC Breakfast business reporter: “Welcome to the preggo club. You’ll love it, we have biscuits!”

While Good Morning Britain presenter, Susanna Reid, wrote: “Huge congratulations Steph – so excited for you.”

BBC Breakfast airs today on BBC One at 6am.

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