Stephanie Beacham speaks out on Dynasty reunion and backstage antics with Joan Collins

Corrie: Stephanie Beacham plays Martha in 2009

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One of Stephanie Beacham’s most memorable roles was her time as Sable Colby, the wife of Colby Enterprises magnate Jason Colby, in Dynasty. The 75-year-old starred alongside her partner in crime Dame Joan Collins, 88, who played Alexis Colby. Netflix brought back a new version of the show in 2017, but this didn’t include the original cast.

During the pandemic, the likes of Stephanie and Joan reunited over Zoom for a fundraising event, but there are currently no plans for the show to return to screens.

On reuniting with the cast for one final time, Stephanie told “For heaven’s sake why hasn’t it happened?!

“Let’s have a Dynasty reunion. Why the hell aren’t Joan and I fighting it out as Duchesses in their towers?”

She added: “I think we’re both more than capable and it would be an enormous amount of fun.

“You could have some very good looking people around as well.”

The actress added that while she didn’t watch the new Netflix reboot, she believes it was “demographically needed”.

The series once again followed two of America’s wealthiest and feuding families, the Carringtons and the Colbys.

Reflecting on her memories from the show, Stephanie said there wasn’t a lot of time for mischievousness, despite what some may think.

“You knew what the rules were, you knew what you could say and what you couldn’t say,” she explained.

“John James, he and I used to enjoy having lots of laughs.

“The cast were fun, but the work was hard and long and you got on with it.”

The television soap opera aired on ABC from 1981 for eight years.

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A reunion, consisting of two episodes, returned to screens in 1991.

Stephanie has also had many other roles including in Bad Girls, Trollied and Coronation Street.

In the latter, the actress played Ken Barlow’s (played by Bill Roache) love interest Martha, as part of an affair storyline.

Their affair began after they grew closer following their meeting on a canal.

They swiftly struck up a close bond and realised they both had an interest in literature.

Martha later told him to leave after realising he was married to Deidre after they kissed.

Despite this, the duo later rekindled and Ken was set to leave his wife for her, but changed his mind at the last minute.

On a potential return to the soap, she said: “It was a very precious time, the two of them on the canal.”

On returning, she added: “Maybe, should an offer turn up again, but it was such a contained story.

“But maybe Martha on the barge could turn up again.”

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