Stormi Webster Completely Ignores Mom Kylie Jenner While Watching New ‘Boss Baby’ Movie

Stormi is a huge fan of the new ‘Boss Baby’ movie — so much so that she couldn’t be bothered by Kylie’s new Instagram video.

Don’t mess with Stormi Webster, 3, when she’s trying to watch a movie. Kylie Jenner, 23, learned that the hard way on July 7, when she tried to get her daughter’s attention for a new Instagram video.

Kylie actually posted a series of videos from her movie night with Stormi, but the second one is the funniest. In the first short clip, Kylie and Stormi can both be seen looking at the camera as mom goes makeup-free and puckers her lips.

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Then, in the second video, Kylie starts filming and says, “She doesn’t want to be filmed”. Stormi can be seen in the background with her eyes glued to the TV screen as the new Boss Baby sequel plays aloud.

“Goosey? Goose?” Kylie then asks, trying to get Stormi’s attention by using what we can only assume is the toddler’s cute nickname. “Stormi? Storm? I love you…” Kylie tries again, as Stormi continues ignoring her mom.

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“I love you. I love you. Stormi!” Kylie yells, as she starts becoming frustrated by the lack of attention she’s getting from her daughter. Then, after she yells “I love you” one more time, Stormi finally answers: “I love you, too, Mommy”.

Obviously, Stormi loves her mom, but we can only imagine Stormi said what needed to be said in that moment in order for Kylie to stop interrupting her movie viewing. It’s a pretty funny moment, as as you can see in the third clip, Kylie then turns her attention to the movie, too.

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