Stripper Bowl’s Dancers Stranded at Airport as Cardi B Slams People Who Steal Money Off the Floor

Pierre ‘Pee’ Thomas of Quality Control Music, which hosted the annual event in Miami, has addressed the drama after several dancers claim they were not paid what they were owed for dancing at the Stripper Bowl.

AceShowbiz -Not everybody went home feeling happy after the Stripper Bowl, judging from a video which has surfaced online. In a video shared by a social media user, several women, who were reportedly strippers taking part at the annual event, appeared to be stranded at an airport.

These women looked tired and desperate, sitting on the floor with some burying their faces in their hands. According to DJ Akadmiks, they couldn’t go home because they didn’t make enough money to buy their return ticket back to their city. Some bought a one-way ticket to Miami for the event.

Quality Control Music was hosting its annual Stripper Bowl during Super Bowl weekend. Following the event, there have been a lot of videos showing the mayhem that ensued in the aftermath of the Stripper Bowl.

Some videos showed dancers fighting over the money thrown at them, and some others captured attendees trying to steal money. Some women also claimed that they were not paid what they were owed for dancing at the event.

Confirming part of these allegations, Cardi B who attended the event has slammed people who were taking the money intended for the strippers. She tweeted on Tuesday, February 4, “I’m very pro stripper and every time I go to a strip Club I blow a bag. The fact is people was stealing the money off the floor and there was 354 dancers. Imagine splitting all that wit 354 girls? Next year it will be less girls.”

She, however, felt like those strippers didn’t give their all for their performances that night. “At one point it felt like n***as didn’t really want to throw money, because y’all wasn’t entertaining,” she complained on Instagram Live. “Y’all was f**ing standing like a concert. My n***a, you gotta shake your a**.”

Since the money had to be split, the “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker felt that those strippers who weren’t shaking their a** was because they thought they wouldn’t get money anyway. But Cardi said that’s not how it works. As a former stripper herself, she shared some advice, “Shake your a**, pop some p***y. You don’t gotta show your p***y, you just gotta pop it.”

Meanwhile, Pierre “Pee” Thomas as the co-founder of Quality Control Music has spoken up to address all the drama surrounding the event. “To all the dancers that was at the party last night please understand that we don’t own clubs or venues. We don’t control or make the rules of how many girls dance, who split or pay out, how much money get stolen,” he posted on Instagram Stories.

He went on claiming, “I personally know a lot of money was thrown between our camp and you all know this. We don’t do contracts with dancers. Sorry for any confusion that went on but that’s out of our control.” He promised though, “We will get better control next time we do this fun event.”

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