Taylor Swift Documentary To Feature Political New Track ‘Only The Young’

Taylor Swift‘s Netflix documentary Miss Americana will feature a new song with a political tone that the singer wrote influenced by the 2018 midterm elections.

The song, “Only the Young,” is played during the credits of the film, which is scheduled to premiere on Netflix and in theaters on January 31.

In an an interview with Variety, Swift explained that she wrote the song after two candidates she endorsed in Tennessee lost in the midterm elections.

“I was really upset about Tennessee going the way that it did, obviously. And so I just wanted to write a song about it,” Swift told the magazine.

“I didn’t know where it would end up,” she added. “But I did think that it would be better for it to come out at a time that it could maybe hopefully stoke some fires politically and maybe engage younger people to form their own views, break away from the pack, and not feel like they need to vote exactly the same way that people in their town are voting.”

Miss Americana, directed by Lana Wilson, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on Thursday.

(Photo: Glenn Francis)

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