‘Teen Mom 2’: Barbara Thinks David Eason Is ‘Hurting’ Jenelle: He’s ‘Keeping Her Like A Prisoner’

The Feb. 11 episode of ‘Teen Mom 2′ was a difficult one to watch, as Jenelle Evans’ mom, Barbara, broke down in tears and told a producer that she believes David Eason is ‘hurting’ her daughter.

Jenelle Evans barely made an appearance during the Feb. 11 episode of Teen Mom 2 — she was only seen while picking up Kaiser from a weekend visit with his dad, Nathan, before she quickly disappeared due to a disagreement with producers. Jenelle’s mom, Barbara, had been filming at Jace‘s soccer game when Jenelle and David Eason pulled into the parking lot to watch. But because David was recently fired from the show, security quickly stepped in and producers had to stop filming. Then, Jenelle refused to film anything else and sent a series of nasty text messages to the producers, saying, “YOU ARE RUINING MY F***ING LIFE. Stay out of it. Don’t text me ever again. Talk to my lawyer. I’m done talking to you.”

Later, when Barbara was seen talking to the head of security, Andre, she explained that “Jenelle doesn’t want to film anymore because every time she makes a commitment to film, then all of a sudden David starts a fight with her and then she can’t film because if she films, then she’s going to be in trouble when she gets home. I told her, I said, ‘Look, Jenelle. This is your job. You’ve been doing this for 10 years. It’s not his show. It’s your show. He’s not even working. What are you going to do if you lose this show? You’re going to lose everything you have.’ She’s going to be homeless.” Then, Barbara started crying and revealed how “worried” she is about Jenelle. “I think [David]’s hurting her. And he’s just keeping her — I can see it — it’s a domestic violence thing. And he’s keeping her like a prisoner. She can’t even leave the house.”

Barbara continued, “I think in [Jenelle]’s mind — when you’re in a domestic violence situation, in your mind, you want to leave. But sometimes it takes a long time before you leave. Maybe she needs to lose everything — maybe if she loses everything, she can walk away from him.”

It was just two weeks ago that Teen Mom 2 aired Jenelle’s startling call to 911 — a call she made in Oct. 2018 — during which she accused David of assaulting her. However, after the phone call was made, Jenelle denied that David ever hurt her and she blamed the entire situation on a “misunderstanding”.

Later, Leah was forced to deal with some flooding in her house when a pipe leaked and left nearly everything soaking wet. In turn, the girls went to stay with their dad, Cory, while Leah did her best to fix the damage — with Jason‘s help.

Meanwhile, Kailyn tried to maintain a long-distance relationship with her sister by offering to plan her baby shower, and she seemed super receptive to idea of it. So Kailyn said she’ll soon fly back to Dallas to pick a venue.

Finally, Briana‘s new man, John, visited Florida for some camping with her and her BFF. Briana and John talked about being exclusive, while they both also suggested taking things slow. And Chelsea finally met her baby girl — watch her giving birth here.

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