‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle’s Mom Barb Plans A Trip To Meet Jace’s Dad & Javi Calls Kailyn Out

After Andrew reached out again on the March 11 episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’, Jenelle became worried that Jace will get his hopes up about his father being in his life.

Jenelle Evans‘ first baby daddy, Andrew, has been reaching out and asking to see Jace a lot lately, so during the March 11 episode of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle’s mom, Barb, finally decided to meet up with him in NYC and see how serious he is about being in Jace’s life again. But that doesn’t mean they believe he’s totally sober. During a one-on-one conversation between Barb and Jenelle, Barb revealed that Andrew had texted her at 11:30pm, so she said, “I have a feeling he’s the same way.” But even so, Jenelle and Barb felt they owed it to Jace to at least see if Andrew’s being sincere. Especially because Jenelle told Barb that Jace recently became emotional after seeing Kaiser go visit his own dad’s relatives. But because Jace hasn’t seen Andrew since he was a baby, Jenelle and Barb decided to keep her visit to NYC a secret so he doesn’t yet “get excited over a father figure that he doesn’t have.”

Meanwhile, Javi called Kailyn out after she realized she wasn’t included in the group text amongst the parents of Lincoln‘s soccer teammates. She asked Javi why his girlfriend, Lauren, was included in the group text, but she wasn’t, and he said, “Don’t travel on game days.” Meaning, when it was recently his weekend with Lincoln, Kailyn missed a game because she was busy working on her podcast. So Javi got mad and didn’t include Kailyn on the group text. “That would be like me showing up, signing Lincoln and Isaac up for basketball, putting Chris [Lopez] down as the point of contact for Lincoln, and not including Javi. He would have a f***ing fit,” she told her producer. Kailyn was furious. Especially after Javi then cancelled on attending one of Lincoln’s games because he, too, had a work engagement.

Then, after becoming impressed with DeVoin‘s improvement and seeing how he’s stepped up as Nova‘s dad, Briana decided to invite him on the family’s forthcoming trip to Puerto Rico. She also told DeVoin that she wanted to give Nova his last name, and he seemed really happy about that.

As for Chelsea, she planned some one-on-one time with Aubree in the form of attending a costume party together. So Cole was left at home with their two babies, who both freaked out and cried as soon as Chelsea left the house. But Cole was fine and handled everything like the awesome dad that he is.

Finally, Leah eagerly waited for the girls’ report cards to be released, and she was happy to see that none of her daughters got anything below a B. Woohoo!

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