Teresa Giudice: I Love My Daughter’s New Nose and Lover!

Gia Giudice has a new look and a new man…

… but same support as always from her polarizing mother.

As previously reported, the 19-year old made headlines earlier this month for getting a nose job, announcing on Instagram that she’s finally happy with the appearance of her face.

“yes I got a nose job. yes I’m swollen,” Gia wrote about 10 days on Instagram, thanking her surgeon by name and maybe even getting a free procedure out of the promotion.

“I am an adult now,” she added, trying to stave off the criticism before it could get ramped up on social media.

Teresa, for her part, quickly wrote on Instagram that she “adores” her oldest daughter and added in the Comments section of Gia’s official account:

“Couldn’t be more proud of you. You are beautiful inside and out. Love you to infinity and beyond.”

Just days after Gia went public with her new nose, she also went public with a new boyfriend.

His name is Christian Carmichael and, like Gia, he’s a student at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

Gia informed the public of this romance by sharing pictures of herself and Christian online, captioning the snapshots “‘summer nights w u” and including with these worrds a smiley face emoji.

Sounds serious, huh?!?

It’s at least serious enough for Teresa to have an opinion on Carmichael

It sounds as if she’s met the young man.

“Teresa is a really big fan of Gia’s boyfriend,” a Hollywood Life source alleges.

“She likes him a lot.

“Teresa finds Gia’s boyfriend to be a very nice guy who treats her well and she’s happy to see her happy and enjoying life.”

Totally comes across like something someone who definitely exists would say, doesn’t it?

As for the rhinoplasty?

Teresa had previously said in public that she didn’t want any of her children to undergo any plastic surgery until they were 21 years old.

But we guess she’s gone back on that statement.

The age of 19 isn’t all that far away from 21, you know/

“Teresa fully supported her decision for the nose job,” a source close to the family also told Hollywood Life, adding:

“Gia is 19 and can make her own decisions about her looks.

“She thought she was beautiful before and thinks it looks great.

“She doesn’t think she needs anything else done and finds her perfect the way she is.”

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