The Apprentice sparks controversy amongst viewers amid sexist remarks

Wednesday night’s episode of The Apprentice sparked controversy among viewers, with dozens taking to social media to slam a contestant for being sexist.

In the most recent episode of the business contest the girls’ and boys’ teams were mixed following a two-time victory from the all female team.

As the teams were tasked with making a toy for children, fans of the show were left uncomfortable after Irish beauty brand CEO Pamela Laird had her say on who was going to be made sub team leader.

As the project manager of the task, Pemela was given the choice on who would take charge of the sub team, but refused to choose marketing manager Lewis Ellis based on his gender.


She explained, “I want a woman to lead this team… whip you boys into shape.”

Taking to Twitter to criticise Pamela’s remark, accusing her of sexism.

One viewer wrote, ‘WOW @bbcapprentice the woman project manager has just dismissed the guy who had the the best suited skill set as she wanted another woman as sub team leader.If a guy had done this he would have been thrown off the show for being sexist.#TheApprentice.’

While a second added, ‘Pamela is being extremely gender bias and sexist. #TheApprentice

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‘Pamela is really annoying me, being very sexist towards the boys in her group by mixing uo their names and also not allowing them to pitch or be sub team leader. Disgusting. #TheApprentice,’ a third agreed.

Later, another chipped in to slate Lord Alan Sugar’s aide Karren Brady for not picking up on the comment made by Pamela, saying, ‘WTF! Why has Pamela been allowed to get away with her sexist remarks?!? Common Karren, thought you would have pulled her up on that! #theapprentice.’

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