‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Colton Eliminates [SPOILER] After Admitting He’s ‘Falling In Love’ With All 4 Women

Colton meets the families of his remaining ladies on the Feb. 25 episode of ‘The Bachelor,’ but one woman is left devastated when he blindsides her and sends her home.

Four women — Caelynn, Cassie, Hannah G. and Tayshia — are left vying for Colton Underwood’s heart on the The Bachelor, and he heads to their hometowns to meet their families during the Feb. 25 episode. First up, he’s off to Virginia with Caelynn, who was accused of not being on The Bachelor for the right reasons by some of the other women last week. Caelynn’s stepdad, John, is understandably concerned about Colton dating three other women at the same time as his daughter. She assures him that she wants to marry Colton and that she’s ready for that next step, but he still pulls Colton aside for a chat.

John asks Colton some tough questions about how he knows that Caelynn is the one for him, and makes it clear that he cannot have any doubts about Caelynn if he pursues a future with her. Colton asks for John’s permission to propose to Caelynn if it comes to that, and when the 26-year-old promises that he will be committed to the foundation of their marriage, he’s given the go-ahead. Meanwhile, Caelynn spends some on-on-one time with her sister, Ariana, who tells her she’s skeptical about the situation and questions Colton’s “sincerity.” Still, by the end of the day, Caelynn feels everything went “perfect,” and she tells Colton she’s in love with him before he leaves.

Up next, Colton goes to Alabama to meet Hannah’s loved ones. Hannah’s friends and cousins are impressed by Colton, and admit that they haven’t seen Hannah so happy and comfortable with someone. Her mom also thinks Colton is a “nice guy,” but is still worried about Hannah getting hurt. Hannah explains that Colton has done “little things” to prove that he’s invested in her, and by the end of the night, her mom definitely seems convinced and urges Hannah to follow her heart and “go get it.”

Meanwhile, Hannah’s dad flat-out asks Colton what his intentions are, and Colton assures him that Hannah has been “somebody special” to him from the first night they met. He also asks for Hannah’s father’s permission to propose if Hannah is the last woman standing, and her dad is speechless at first. However, he’s impressed with Colton being brave enough to even ask that question, and gladly gives him his blessing. Afterward, when Hannah tells Colton she’s falling in love with him….he says it back! It’s rare for the Bachelors or Bachelorettes to make such a bold statement like this, and it’s something he did not say to Caelynn during her hometown.

Tayshia’s hometown date is next. Even before bringing Colton to meet her parents, Tayshia tells Colton that she’s falling in love with him, and tells her he feels the same way. However, introducing him to her family is still a really big deal…because the last person who met her loved ones was her now-ex-husband.

Tayshia’s dad is super protective, and grills Colton about how he could possibly be ready for an engagement after just six weeks. He’s skeptical when Colton admits that he’s falling in love with Tayshia, and wonders if he’s being sincere — he even flat-out asks if Colton is having the same types of serious conversations with the other women! Colton admits that his other relationships are strong, but promises that he’ll always be honest with Tayshia and not lead her on.

Colton asks for Tayshia’s dad’s permission to propose to Tayshia, and although he says Colton “seems like a great guy,” he doesn’t give him his blessing. The conversation leaves Colton disappointed, but Tayshia is able to turn her father’s feelings around a bit by assuring him that she’s happy and would definitely say yes if Colton proposed. After that conversation, her dad feels “ten times better,” and ends the night by giving Colton his blessing to marry Tayshia.

Last up, Colton meets Cassie’s family. Before going into the night, Colton tries to get a read on where exactly Cassie stands in their relationship…especially since he’s falling in love with her However, at this point, she’s not ready to verbalize her feelings just yet, and is waiting to get opinions from her family members before moving the relationship forward.

Cassie’s mom can see the chemistry between Cassie and Colton right off the bat, but It’s clear from the get-go that her dad is NOT going to let Colton off easy. Cassie and her dad have a bit of an argument when he tries to warn her about just how serious the prospect of marriage is, especially when Colton is dating three other women. Cassie gets frustrated, and worries that her dad doesn’t trust her to make the right decision.

Finally, he pulls Colton aside to talk. Colton vows to protect Cassie and do everything he can to make her happy. He also asks for Cassie’s father’s permission to marry her, and her dad admits that it would be “premature” for him to give that blessing. It’s obviously not what Colton wants to hear, and he’s left even more disappointed and confused when Cassie still isn’t confident enough to say she’s falling in love with him at the end of the night.

Before the rose ceremony, Colton admits he’s “falling in love” with all four women. He gives the first rose to Hannah and the second to Tayshia. His final rose goes to Cassie, which means Caelynn is eliminated, and she’s obviously completely devastated.

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