The Bachelor Season 24: Meet Peter Weber’s Women! [UPDATED!]

We've read The Bachelor spoilers and seen the hype videos. But folks, the Bachelor Season 24 is just a few hours away.

In Monday evening's three-hour (!!!) debut, Peter Weber, a.k.a. Pilot Pete, will begin his search for his future wife on ABC.

We've already been cautioned – and Bachelor spoilers galore have hinted – that there are some twists in store from day one.

This season premiere will be different from what Bachelor fans have come to expect. That's all we'll say for right now.

So what better time to check in with the ladies who will be vying for Weber's heart and crotch beginning tonight.

Ready to meet the eligible women?

To try and pick an early favorite?

Grab a hat, hold the eff onto it, and scroll down now, because we've got all the deets on Peter's ladies, as well as a few early spoilers for what promises to be one hell of a season!

1.Who Will Peter Choose?

2.Eunice C.

3.Tammy L.

4.Victoria F.

5.A Word About Victoria

6.The Troublemaker

7.Victoria Fuller in Costume

8.Shiann L.

9.Savanah H.

10.Maurissa G.

11.Lauren J.

12.Sydney H.

13.Natasha P.

14.Kiarra N.

15.Lexi B.

16.Payton M.

17.Lauren M.

18.Sarah C.

19.Kelsey W.

20.So Close

21.Kelley F.

22.Katrina B.

23.Alexa C.

24.Megan H.

25.Alayah B.

26.Kylie R.

27.Victoria P.

28.Jenna S.

29.Mykenna D.

30.Jade M.

31.Hayley H.

32.Courtney P.

33.Jasmine N.

34.Deandra K.

35.Madison P.

36.We Got a Front-Runner!

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