‘The Good Doctor’ Winter Finale Recap: A Deadly Virus Leaves Many Lives In Jeopardy

A deadly virus takes over the ER, and now some of your favorite characters’ lives are on the line after ‘The Good Doctor’ winter finale!

Melendez and Lim wake up in bed together. She admits their night together as “pretty great,” but it shouldn’t happen again. Melendez looks like he doesn’t really agree with that, but he agrees to appease her. Lim says she’s covering the ER right before Christmas. Everyone else has mostly headed home for the holidays already.

The ER gets two patients who came from the same airport. They were both on the 20-hour long flight from Malaysia. It doesn’t take long for the guy to go into cardiac arrest and die. The patients both have rashes on their necks. They didn’t sit next to each other on the plane, and Shaun notes that this means the virus can be transmitted through the air. That means everyone on the plane and in the emergency room have been exposed to this highly contagious and deadly virus.

The cute paramedic, Tyler, who brought in one of the airport passengers, has the rash. He’s immediately put under quarantine, but that doesn’t kill his spirit. He flirts with Morgan and calls her “smart as well as beautiful.” Unfortunately, he spikes a fever and his rash gets worse. Lim tells everyone in the emergency room that they’re no under quarantine. This includes Parks’s son!

Shaun was supposed to take Glassman to his appointment, but because of the quarantine, he can’t do so. Lea helps Shaun out when he needs her to. Glassman wants to go to the hospital to help out, but Lea says that’s not happening. Glassman later finds out that his cancer is back.

Melendez soon discovers that his bone marrow donor is under quarantine, and the donor is his patient’s father. The son signs a DNR, but Melendez refuses to let him die.

Back in the ER, Lim realizes that she’s infected. The poor paramedic dies right in front of Morgan. Shaun and Morgan are faced to perform a bowel obstruction surgery combat style. Lim begins to get weaker and weaker. She eventually passes out right in the middle of instructing Morgan on how to do the surgery.

Meanwhile, Park’s son has an extreme asthma attack, but he’s able to get his inhaler. Shaun is helping a diabetic patient when the flickering light in the ER causes him severe anxiety. As chaos runs rampant, he lies on the floor with his hands over his ears and shuts his eyes. Will Lim make it out alive? Will a cure be found before it’s too late? We have so many questions! The Good Doctor will return with new episodes in 2019.

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