The Real Housewives of New York Recap: Was That the Most Embarrassing Episode Ever?

There was a lot of drama on Wednesday’s The Real Housewives of New York City, but all of that was overshadowed by Dorinda Medley, Ramona Singer, and Sonja Morgan making fools of themselves. 

The trio attended a charity event for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and it was only a matter of time before they said something they should not have. 

Ramona spearheaded the event with the CEO of NY Loves Kids Bridie Farrell. Together, they threw an auction benefitting the organization. 

They wanted to raise more awareness to the group to eliminate the statute of limitations for victims to report abuse. 

Things got off to a less than stellar start when Ramona could not even say Bridie’s name correctly. 

It was super awkward. Sonja then told Bridie to “just exploit us.” Yes, really. 

“I do children, you do sexual abuse,” Ramona sneered as she failed to realize how horrible her words sounded. 

“We might not be the most eloquent, but we’re passionate,” Singer later added. 

At the event, the ladies started bickering over a dinner party being thrown for Ramona’s upcoming birthday. 

Ramona said she had no control over the guest list, and that the women planning it would deal with it. 

We got a flashback from Ramona telling these other friends not to invite Sonja. 

Ramona, Dorinda, and Sonja followed that argument up with a speech. Bridia dragged Ramona for not pronouncing her name correctly, and Sonja kept laughing. 

“Everyone knows you can cry on a dime,” Sonja laughed.

“Sonja, why are you doing this to me?” asked Ramona. “Her name is Bridie by the way, you called her Birdie,” Sonja fired back.

“I’m bad with names,” Ramona said. “When people are sexually abused as a child, you say is it my fault, did I do something wrong, you’re afraid to come forward,” she continued.

Dorinda then joined in, shouting at Ramona because she felt she missed something out.

“It was a friend of the family! You can finish, but I’m adding something, it was a friend of the family!”

“Let’s hear it from the who … horse’s mouth,” Sonja then added, referring to Bridie. “Not the whore’s mouth. I’m sorry.”

Birdie appeared to tell her own story, and Dorinda and Ramona couln’t help but chime in. 

Dorinda wanted Bridie to say her attacker was still out there, and it made for an awkward scene. 

What did you think of the way that played out?

RHONY continues Wednesdays on Bravo. 

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