The wild amount of money Blac Chyna charges fans to talk to her

Amidst a custody dispute with her ex Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna is being called out for charging fans a wild amount of money to interact with her online. Chyna is reportedly charging $950 for a FaceTime call and $250 for an Instagram follow, per Page Six

According to the website for her business Lashed Cosmetics, fans can also make interest-free installment payments if they can’t afford the full price off the bat. Her website says that you can make four payments of $237 or $62.50 for the FaceTime call and follow backs, respectively. 

Even with payment plans, fans immediately called foul, saying that the prices were all but unethical, especially given the tough economic situation people are experiencing during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

Although Blac Chyna has disabled comments on an Instagram post advertising the FaceTime calls and Instagram follows, BET reported that one person wrote, “Blac Chyna charging 950 to facetime lmfaooo my sis really going thru hard times rn, that’s not even funny though that’s crazy.” Others questioned why she needed that much money in the first place. 

Fans are slamming Blac Chyna for charging for follows

As per Page Six, fans are really upset with Blac Chyna for charging so much money for a mere virtual interaction with her. One person tweeted, “imagine f***ing up your credit score cause you didn’t finish your payments for a blac chyna facetime.” Another added, “Why @BLACCHYNA out here selling follow backs and FaceTimes w/ her for mad money? Have you seen how high unemployment is right now?”

Yet another angry fan tweeted, “Is @BLACCHYNA that broke she has to charge ppl $950 for a FACETIME call!? Lmaooo b**** ain’t nobody got the money for that during a pandemic smh.”

Still, others were shaking their heads at the fans who were willing to pay a call or follow back in the first place. “Career finesser Blac Chyna is really charging $950 for a FaceTime in the middle of a pandemic. I know some idiot will use their stimulus check for this BS,” someone tweeted. 

Clearly, no one is impressed with Chyna’s latest business venture. 

Blac Chyna blames Rob Kardashian for having to charge fans

In response to the backlash over charging fans upwards of $1,000 for a FaceTime, Blac Chyna’s lawyer issued a statement to People defending this new hustle. The lawyer said that Blac Chyna merely wants to connect “directly and creatively” with fans during the COVID-19 pandemic: “Like the true entrepreneur she is, Chyna is adapting to current realities and trying to bring more fun and joy to quarantine life.”

The attorney added that Chyna’s “quarantine-related creativity is also born out of economic necessity,” claiming that the former reality star reportedly receives no child support from Rob Kardashian for their daughter Dream or from Tyga for their son King Cairo.

Whatever the reasoning is behind the pricey social media interactions, it’s not at all uncommon for celebs of any caliber to charge fans for the chance to talk to them. Blac Chyna is also on Cameo, a popular fan-video site, where a message from her costs just $123 — so that’s always an option if you don’t want to pay nearly a grand for a FaceTime. 

Of course, her new venture circumvents the proverbial middle man of using a platform like Cameo, making it all the more lucrative for her. It’s actually a sort of genius business plan when you really think about it. All the haters should remember that she’s not forcing anyone to pay for her time… even if there are probably a million better ways to use your cash. 

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