‘They’re big shoes to fill’ Craig Parkinson speaks out on Doctor Who rumours

Doctor Who: Craig Parkinson quizzed on being the Doctor

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Craig Parkinson, 45, has spoken out about rumours involving his apparent foray into the Doctor Who world. The actor has been favoured by fans as the next Doctor Who.

Craig spoke to Radio Times about the rumour and addressed whether or not there was any truth behind them.

The Misfits actor explained that whoever is due to fill the role will face a lot of pressure to do it right.

He also stated that he would have a preference over which role he would like to play in the show.

He said, when asked about the rumours in the latest edition of the magazine: “That’s exactly what they are, rumours.

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“Whoever steps into those shoes, they’re big shoes to fill.

“I would probably prefer to be playing the Master than the Doctor and, if I was doing it right, cause a few tears before bedtime.”

The Line of Duty star appeared on This Morning in early December with hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary to discuss the possible role.

Jodie Whitaker is due to step down from her role as the current Doctor following the end of the next season.

Other crew members leaving the show include executive producer Chris Chibnall.

Speaking about working with Jodie, Craig was quick to offer praise.

He said: “I don’t know anybody that has her energy. She’s in like every scene of every day.”

He finished by adding: “She’s always so happy!”

Dermot corroborated the actor’s views, having interviewed Jodie himself before.

He said: “She’s so up as a person, isn’t she?”

He then went on to describe the star as “lovely.”

The presenter then started to muse on the possibility of Craig in the role: “Is there a world, bare with me here, where you could become the next Doctor?”

To which his co-host Alison, gasped and responded: “Look at his face, look at his face!” while their guest looked somewhat reticent.

An embarrassed Craig replied: “I’m not – I mean, I can’t say anything, Dermot.”

Alison commented on the actor’s facial expression: “Your eyes just literally glue. Not glue… glowed.”

Dermot exclaimed: “His eyes glued over,” while his co-host was laughing.

Read more about Craig Parkinson’s upcoming projects in this month’s issue of Radio Times.

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