Tiffany Franco Cries on 90 Day Fiance: Ronald is a Deadbeat Dad!

The Season 6 premiere of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? was missing some couples.

But the season’s second episode will reunite viewers with fan-favorite Tiffany Franco.

Things are not going well at all between her and South African husband Ronald Smith.

In fact, she describes him being a huge jerk … and a total deadbeat dad.

Tiffany Franco is a 29-year-old mother of two.

Though she and Ronald Smith did marry in South Africa, she is back in Maryland.

She has a son Daniel, a (universally beloved) child from a previous relationship, and young daughter Carley.

31-year-old Ronald is back in South Africa.

While it is expected (confirmed in the previews, actually) that she will return to meet him, things are not good.

They’re unhappy enough that she is meeting with an attorney … and contemplating ending the marriage.

“Ronald, right now, is not emotionally supportive,” Tiffany explains in a voiceover as the preview begins.

She adds: “He’s not financially supportive.”

Having a child is expensive … but right now, all of that cost is on Tiffany.

Tiffany laments: “Not once does Ronald offer, ‘Hey, let me buy diapers for Carley.'”

“‘Hey, let me send her some clothes or let me send you money for clothes,'” Tiffany continues.

“Nothing,” Tiffany emphasizes.

“And that’s so frustrating,” Tiffany expresses to the camera.

She is particularly frustrated “because it’s not only my responsibility.”

Tiffany very correctly points out that “I didn’t make this baby alone.”

Properly masked, she sits in an attorney’s office to see what her options may be.

Tiffany offers her attorney background information.

There’s a lot to cover, and not everyone watches 90 Day Fiance — though you wouldn’t know that by the ratings.

“We applied for the spousal visa,” Tiffany shared.

“And literally within a month to three more months,” she anticipated.

Tiffany continued: “we should be getting a response on whether he’s approved or denied and he can come.”

The attorney then asked more about their history, including when they have lived together.

Tiffany shared that the longest that they have been under the same roof was three months.

And the future is … uncertain at best.

“I don’t know,” Tiffany despaired.

“In the beginning, I was so sure about everything,” she recalled.

“And now,” Tiffany admitted, “I’m not sure about anything.”

Does Tiffany even want to remain married to a man who doesn’t support her or their daughter emotionally or financially?

“I actually, at this moment, have no idea,” Tiffany confessed in front of her attorney.

Then, she spoke to the camera to share more of her feelings.

Tiffany freely acknowledged that she has “always been committed to making things work” with Ronald.

But at the moment, she shared, it feels like she is “the only one trying” to keep their marriage alive.

“Right now, more than ever, everything is really tense,” Tiffany told the attorney.

“We’ve had moments where I wonder if this marriage is right for me,” Tiffany expressed.

We will see much more as the season continues.

That said, Tiffany’s introductory episode (to this season) will likely be mostly an introduction, just like everyone else.

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