Tiffany Trump Shares First Photo With Her Nigerian Businessman Boyfriend At The White House

President Donald Trump’s youngest daughter, Tiffany Trump, took to her Instagram account on Friday to share a photograph of herself and her boyfriend, Michael Boulos, standing together in the Red Room in the White House.

Although the socialite did not specify whether the couple was in the president’s residence at the time she posted the photo, it’s likely an old photo given that People Magazine reported the 25-year-old posted another photo of herself in the exact same outfit and room on the social media site on December 13.

In the image, Tiffany is wearing a black sleeveless dress with a high neckline and a lengthy slit up her tanned thigh. She completed the look with a pair of black bedazzled pumps, dark eye makeup, glittering bracelets, and left her platinum blonde hair hanging loose to around her hips. She also carried a dark clutch purse in her hand.

Her beau is dressed in a black pair of pants, dress shoes, a long black coat, and a white button-up shirt with a red tie.

The pair stood arm-in-arm in front of a lit Christmas tree adorning the middle of the room, smiling at the camera.

She left the image without a caption, but tagged her boyfriend in the image.

The couple met in Greece over the summer, reportedly at Lindsey Lohan’s club in Mykonos.

A source apparently told Page Six that they had been keeping their relationship quiet.

“Tiffany is happy she has so far been able to keep things with Michael under the radar. But she introduced him to her family at Thanksgiving, and he comes across as a very intelligent young man from a great family.”

Boulos, who is of Lebanese descent, grew up in Nigeria, where his family founded SCOA Nigeria, as well as Boulos Enterprises. His family’s business specializes in “distribution and trading for commercial motorcycle, power bikes, tricycle, and outboard motors in Nigeria,” according to the Famous People, with SCOA specializing in “cars, construction and retail.”

According to his Instagram page, he works in project management finance and risk, and attended university in London, where he still lives today. Meanwhile, his girlfriend is living in D.C., and is attending Georgetown University Law Center. She’s about to enter her third year.

Tiffany has been keeping their relationship private, with this being the first photo she has shared of herself and Boulos together on her Instagram account since they started dating.

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