Tom Malone girlfriend: Will Tom quit Gogglebox after moving in with girlfriend?

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Tom Malone and his family have become fan favourites on our screens since they joined the popular Channel 4 series in Gogglebox 2014. Tom has since announced he and his girlfriend Bryony have moved in together but has Tom quit the show?

Will Tom quit Gogglebox after moving in with his girlfriend?

Earlier this week, Tom announced he would be starting a new chapter with girlfriend Bryony as they moved in together.

While posting to Instagram, the Gogglebox star shared a snap of him and Bryony in matching tie-dye loungewear sets as they posed in their new home together.

Talking of the move, he captioned the picture: “To [a] new home and new beginnings.”

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This comes after the Gogglebox star moved back in with his parents as the nation went into its second lockdown in November to continue to film on Gogglebox.

At the time Tom spoke of his move back home with his followers on Instagram, saying: “Back in lockdown for another month with these 2….how am I going to cope? @themalonesgb.”

The Gogglebox star and Bryony first started dating back in June with many fans asking whether she would join the Channel 4 series.

Tom has since spoken out on whether Bryony could join the show saying: “Because of contracts and stuff, unfortunately, you won’t see my girlfriend on the show, but yeah we do forget we are filming.”

He also hinted to his future on the series adding: “If the opportunity was good enough then yeah 100 percent we [one of the family] would leave, but I think the rest of us would be able to stay on Gogglebox.”

Tom joined Gogglebox alongside his family in 2014 a year after the popular TV highlights series hit our screens.

While on the show The Malone family have become known for their love of dogs and have four named Dave, Lucy, Izzy and Joe.

Tom features on the series alongside his brother Shaun as well as parents Julie and Tom, but the family also have son Lee and daughter Vanessa who are not featured on the show.

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While Tom moved into the family home during lockdown, his brother Shaun was missing from the previous series.

Shaun has since spoken of how he was absent from the series because his girlfriend was pregnant.

During an interview back in May, he explained: “I’ve not been on the show for most of this series because my girlfriend is pregnant.

“So I chose to go and live with her while all this coronavirus stuff is going on.

“If I was living at my mum and dad’s during lockdown I wouldn’t have been able to help her out, or prep for the baby, so I couldn’t film for most of the series due to not being able to go to other households.”

Gogglebox will air tomorrow on Channel 4 at 9pm.

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