Tour De France Spectator Arrested For Allegedly Causing Massive Crash With Sign

The woman who allegedly caused a massive pileup during the first stage of the Tour de France has reportedly been found and arrested … ending a 3-day search for the spectator.

As we previously reported, a woman stepped onto the road and held a cardboard sign towards the TV cameras as the pack of riders approached on Saturday … and made contact with German rider Tony Martin.

The hit caused a chain reaction … with dozens of other riders crashing behind him as a result.

The spectator immediately fled the scene … and French authorities launched a search for her, as well as a call for witnesses.

According to local reports, law enforcement believe they have found the woman responsible for starting the pileup … and took her into custody in Landerneau on Wednesday.

FYI — officials believe the woman caused “unintentional injuries by manifestly deliberate violation of an obligation of safety or prudence.”

She is reportedly facing a fine for the incident … and there could be further legal ramifications if a rider who was forced to retire from the race decides to file a complaint.

The Tour de France has been impacted by several major crashes since Saturday … and it got to a point where the riders had to stage a protest in hopes of finding a middle ground with race organizers.

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