Trump Went After Jussie Smollett At His Rally Last Night

Nothing gets #DerangedDonald hornier than a big ole’ popularity rally where he can stir up his followers with narcissistic outbursts while fondling himself behind the podium after getting intensely aroused by the sound of his own voice. As reported by TMZ, Trump got some shots in at the beleaguered Jussie Smollett during his hour and a half (!) of self-adulation last night. Trump referred to Jussie as a “third-rate actor”, which I guess is a step-up from Chicago prosecutor Kim Foxx calling him a “washed-up actor.” But that seems a little hypocritical on Trump’s part. Did he never watch himself on The Apprentice?

You probably don’t need a recap, but this is for those of you who practice self-care and avoid the news. Jussie Smollett was charged with faking a Trump-inspired hate crime (claiming his assailants had screamed “This is MAGA country!” at him) but all the charges against him were dropped by the Chicago State’s Attorney’s office. This infuriated a whole bunch of people including the Chicago PD, Chicago’s mayor, and, of course, POTUS.

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