Tyga Caught Reaching for Gun After Removal From Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Birthday Party

AceShowbiz -Rapper Tyga has his security guard to thank for keeping him out of legal trouble after he attempted to grab a gun following his removal from Floyd Mayweather, Jr.‘s Hollywood birthday bash.

The “Rack City” star was partying at the Sunset Room on Saturday, February 23 to celebrate the boxing legend’s 42nd birthday, but during the event, he became involved in a dispute with another attendee.

It’s not clear what sparked the incident, but it seems venue bosses were not happy with Tyga’s behaviour, and footage obtained by TMZ shows him being dragged out of the club.

“Yo, yo! Alright bro, chill out (sic),” he can be heard shouting to the security official, who had been pulling the rapper from behind, with his arms wrapped around Tyga’s neck.

Once he was released outside, a furious Tyga attempted to retaliate by appearing to reach for his security guard’s firearm, although the team member reacting quickly and preventing the star from taking the gun from his holster.

Tyga and his entourage eventually left the area without further incident.

His representatives have yet to comment on the club clash.

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