Vanessa Feltz ‘forgave Ben after he cheated’ but chucked him out for sexting fans

Vanessa Feltz 's ex-fiancé Ben Ofoedu has broken his silence on the couple's shock split, after 16 years together, confirming the rumours that it was due to his infidelity.

Vanessa's daughter Allegra previously spoke out about how Ben's unfaithfulness came to light after she received messages from an anonymous Instagram account revealing the truth on Christmas Day.

And now Ben, 50, has publicly admitted to his infidelity, telling The Sunday Mirror : "I was wrong… I betrayed the love of my life."

Detailing the fallout prior to the split, Ben has revealed that Vanessa, 60, forgave him the first time he cheated back in 2015, but that the relationship came to end after she discovered he was sexting one fan, and had flirted inappropriately with another at the end of last year.

Ben met the first woman while performing in Ibiza with his band Phats and Small in 2015, and they had sex three times, but he then called the relationship off.

The woman, whose identity remains unknown then contacted Vanessa eight months later to tell her of the affair. At the time, Ben said he moved out of the couple's home for a while but that Vanessa ultimately forgave him.

However, last year, following the death of his beloved brother Roy, Ben turned to drink, which he says also led to him pulling away from Vanessa.

In the spring of 2022, the musician struck up a friendship with a younger fan on Instagram, which began innocently enough but eventually turned to sexting.

Ben explained: "The sexting came about from a woman that was following me on Instagram. She started complimenting me and we built a friendship.

"We’d message once a week, then twice, three times a week, then a nude. I never sent one back. She said ‘Oops, sorry’. I should have blocked her but I didn’t."

The sexting then became something of a regular occurrence, with the pair sending each other numerous flirtatious messages.

After finding out about the sexting, Vanessa then received another blow, when contacted by a female fan who had attended a Phats and Small gig in Butlins late last year, revealing that Ben had made some sexually suggestive comments towards her.

Once these betrayals came to light, Vanessa kicked Ben out of their home, stopped answering his calls and emails, and blocked him on all social media.

He says: "I started off by sending her an email every day saying how sorry I was. She hasn’t responded. It’s been a bit scorched earth really."

OK! has contacted reps for Vanessa Feltz.


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