Vanilla Ice Says '90s the Greatest Decade, Pop Culture Died with iPhone

Here we are in 2021, but Vanilla Ice says the ’90s still have a tight grip on him, because he says it was the best decade ever … before computers ruined the world.

We got the rapper-turned-historian on the L.A. set of a music video shoot — a ’90s throwback we’ll get to shortly, but first … Ice needs to rail on the “lost generation” of pop culture.

According to Vanilla Ice … it was the last decade where fashion and music played off each other, and people created “cool” stuff that’s still trendy to this day.

He points to the invention of the iPhone as the main culprit for killing pop culture — though he’s a few years off, it actually came out in 2007 not 2004 — and provides some proof to back up his argument.

Ice follows it up with a claim that might make you question everything, however … he says his kids think he’s cool.

Believe that or not, the guy has a lot of understandable fondness for the ’90s — especially a certain video store chain — and is down with it all coming back.

Speaking of which … Vanilla Ice’s music vid was for a parody remix of Sir Mix-A-Lot‘s “Baby Got Back.” Ya won’t hear “Baby Got Buns” on the radio, though … it’s for a hot dog company Bar-S.

Capitalism … big in the 90s, still big in the 21st century.

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