Wale Drops Juneteenth Celebration Tips for Black and White People

As the nation gets ready for the 2nd celebration of Juneteenth as a federal holiday, Wale‘s revealing his plans for Sunday … and offering some helpful tips for anyone who doesn’t look like him, but still wants to turn up.

We caught up with the D.C.-bred rapper at LAX, and asked how he plans to spend the day — and while he was at first taken aback, he eventually coughed up a great answer … simply root for everyone Black!

Now, our photog — a gent of Caucasian persuasion — politely asked how he could also have a happy Juneteenth, and again … Wale dropped a jewel of a response.

If this convo with Wale sounds familiar, it’s because it was the basis for his 2019 video “Sue Me” … where he reversed racial roles in a chilling depiction.

President Biden signed the bill last year to make Juneteenth a national bank holiday, making it the first new federal day off since MLK Day in 1983.

There have been some hiccups in folks, especially companies, figuring out appropriate ways to recognize the day — so, hopefully Wale’s advice here has some impact.

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