Watch James Charles and Cimorelli Perform a Medley of Demi Lovato Songs

Cimorelli posted a video introducing the group’s newest “sister” — Youtuber James Charles — singing a medley of hits from one of Cimorelli’s music icons, Demi Lovato. Cimorella and James earlier teased that they had been spending time in the studio together on their social media accounts.

The medley that was just posted appears to be one of the results of a reported week that the girls and James spent together.

Cimorelli and James performed the medley as a kind of sing-off. Clearly excited by the collab, Katherine Cimorelli tweeted “OUR JAMES COLLAB IS OUT!!!! Let us know what you think!! Did you guys know how beautiful his voice is?!”

You can watch and decide yourself just how well James harmonizes with the Cimorelli girls in the video below.  

(Image source: Lisa Cimorelli Instagram account)

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