Watch The ADORABLE Moment This Meteorologist's Toddler Son Interrupts Her Forecast: 'He Walks Now'

Ever since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, news anchors, reporters, and meteorologists have been working from home in makeshift studios and in front of temporary green screens.

And every so often, all that work-from-home repetition gives the world a priceless news blooper!

This time, the joke is on Leslie Lopez, a meteorologist for ABC 7 News here in Los Angeles. And the joke was played on her by… her toddler son Nolan!

Ch-ch-check out this HIGHlarious moment (below) when Nolan decides he’s going to walk over to see mommy right as she’s doing a live TV hit on Thursday morning’s weather:

OMG! Too funny! And momma handled it like a pro, too, didn’t she?!

BTW, “he walks now” in that voice sums up pretty much every parent’s worst nightmare when it comes time to chase their child around for the next few years! Get ready, girl!

Really, we’ve got just one problem with this incredible viral clip: according to Lopez (and every other forecast), it’s supposed to rain all afternoon and evening Thursday, and all morning Friday here in El Lay!

How come Nolan can’t do anything about THAT?! Ha!

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