'Weezer' Drops Cover of TLC's 'No Scrubs' and Twitter Doesn't Know What to Think About It

After their version of Toto’s “Africa” became a massive hit in 2018, the band follows it up with a full album of covers.

In a move that surprised pretty much everyone on Twitter this morning, Weezer just released an album of covers, including a new take on the TLC classic "No Scrubs."

The American rock band dropped their "Teal Album" early Thursday morning, setting off a social media frenzy. Both the band — and the TLC cover in particular — quickly began trending in the U.S.

The 10-track album also features re-dos of popular hits like Michael Jackson’s "Billie Jean," The Eurythmics’ "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" and A-ha’s "Take On Me."

While some fans were thrilled with Weezer’s take on the famous girl group anthem, others absolutely hated it. Twitter’s gotta Twitter, right?

"Omg… it’s so bad," a user wrote. "It sounds like when I was a kid and I would put my boombox out by the pool and then go under the water and see if I could still hear the songs."

"That Weezer cover of no scrubs is a monstrosity omg," another person tweeted. "Rivers Cuomo covering No Scrubs is the worst thing I’ve never wanted to hear what is wrong with y’all Weezer is bad."

Of course, not everyone was a hater.

"Hello, yes, I am Generation X and I will take several helpings of Weezer covering ‘No Scrubs’ please and thank you," a person wrote. "Holy crap I never realized I needed @Weezer singing No Scrubs but now that I have it it’s literally all I’m going to listen too," another added.

"Ahhh the "No Scrubs" cover is so dope too," a fan said. "i strongly appreciate that they didn’t rewrite it to be about a girl."

Speaking to Apple Music about why the band tackled this song, frontman Rivers Cuomo said, "I just thought it’s one of those songs that’s freakishly popular."

"I was trying to decide which gender perspective to sing it from then I saw this tweet that said, ‘If you’re a guy covering a song by a girl, you gotta keep the pronouns," he explained. "’For those three minutes you’re gay.’ So I was like, ‘Cool, let’s try this.’"

See how others reacted to the track below!

Hate It

Here For It

You can listen to the full album below.

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