Wendy Williams Opens for Genuine Truce With 50 Cent After Positive Instagram Post

The 55-year-old television personality is said to be shocked by the unexpected positive response from the rapper, with whom she’s been feuding for anyone can remember.

AceShowbiz -Things are looking good between Wendy Williams and 50 Cent when the longtime rivals surprisingly threw nice words at each other instead of shade. The rapper recently took to his Instagram account to positively respond to Wendy saying three nice things about him on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen“. Apparently, Wendy was also shocked by the unexpected response.

During the episode, host Andy Cohen asked Wendy to say three nice things about the “Power” star to which Wendy replied, “He’s not a bad looking man. I respect his hustle. And I was one of the first people to ever play his music. As a matter of fact, probably the first on a cassette, on the radio when I got suspended for two weeks without pay ’cause I used to be a renegade like that.”

In response to that, Fiddy decided to lift his ban on Wendy from attending his pool party. “ok we gonna let you in TYCOON next time,” wrote 50 on Instagram. “but you can’t just be coming to my party’s wit no invite.”

According to a source, “She said what she said because it’s the truth, not because she was trying to score points with him. She’s a little shocked that he came back with something so positive.” However, the source added to HollywoodLife.com that Wendy “is not expecting any huge turn around from him,” despite him inviting her to his next pool party.

“Wendy knows that this is probably a temporary situation with 50 and that she will probably get made fun of in the near future by him over something or other real soon. She is not taking this as a win, she is trying to avoid it as much as she avoids when he is mean,” continued the insider.

Another source, meanwhile, revealed that Wendy’s “trying to change how she reacts with drama and 50 is the ultimate drama.” The informant added, “She doesn’t expect to be best friends anytime soon. This is definitely a good look for 50 but there has to be a lot more done by him for her to trust him and respect him.”

“That being said, if the door is open to make real peace she would walk through it,” the first source noted. “Wendy has no desire to have beef with anyone” and “she is in a very positive new phase in her life and is all about the love,” according to the source.

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