Who Are Ellen Pompeo's Children? Her Daughter Received a Sweet Message From 1 Powerful Woman

Actor Ellen Pompeo is perhaps best known for her role in the hit ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. However, the star is also a director, producer, wife, mother, and much more. She’s also very well-connected. Discover which celebrity sent one of her children a kind message on social media in October 2020.

Ellen Pompeo has 3 children with Chris Ivery

Pompeo met her future husband, music producer Chris Ivery, in 2003, before she became Meredith Grey. After dating for a few years, the pair were married in 2007 in a private ceremony out of the public eye. Though they met in Los Angeles, both are from Massachusetts.

Together, Pompeo and Ivery have three children, two girls, and one boy. They were born in 2009, 2014, and 2016, respectively. After her third child was born, Pompeo said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she “would be nowhere” without help, specifically her baby nurse at the time. “I work long days,” she reminded the host.

Her eldest is Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery

Pompeo and Ivery’s first child is Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery. The Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 storyline in which Meredith donated her kidney was written to give Pompeo some time off. Before that, she hid her pregnancy under her scrubs, and some of her scenes during that season were pre-taped.

“I’m already a super emotional person, and life can be quite painful for me sometimes because I feel things so deeply, and I feel things even more deeply now that I’m a parent,” Pompeo told InStyle of how becoming a mom changed her. “You know you worry so much about them, and it’s really hard.”

Pompeo’s daughter, Sienna May, looks up to Michelle Obama

In October 2020, Pompeo shared a video of her middle child, who said, “I want to be like Michelle Obama.” When prompted, the child explained, “She’s nice. And I want to be nice and make the world a better place.” Pompeo captioned the video, “Sienna May for the win… we all do Sienna …we all do. Thank you @michelleobama #VOTE.”

While several famous people commented on the video, one, in particular, stood out: the former first lady herself. “@EllenPompeo, this made my day,” wrote Obama. “Please tells Sienna May that I have no doubt she’ll be able to change the world and make it a better place.” The Instagram account Comments By Celebs captured the exchange.

Pompeo and Ivery also have a son

Finally, Pompeo and Ivery welcomed their son, Eli Christopher Pompeo Ivery, in 2016. There aren’t as many photos of him on her Instagram account as Sienna May and Stella Luna. A few months after Eli was born, Pompeo told DeGeneres he was “the sweetest thing ever.”

“I make a lot of mistakes,” Pompeo said in the InStyle interview of being a parent. “Kids are just so open and honest, and you could get down on yourself a lot as a parent…But you can’t adopt a sort of victim’s attitude, you have to adopt an optimistic, can do, ‘how do I fix it?’ attitude with kids.”

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