Why did Emmanuel Macron remove his luxury watch mid-TV appearance?

I love magic tricks and sleight of hand. Like, I think it’s so cool when people can do those kinds of tricks, make a coin disappear, make a wristwatch reappear, pick my card out of a deck. Well, did you know that French President Emmanuel Macron is also a magician? He practices a deft sleight of hand even when he’s on camera, being interviewed. Late last week, he was speaking at a French debate on pensions and he made his wristwatch disappear:

And voila, just like a real magician it disappears under the table….
😂😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/w8HZuQuM7S

— Joost Broekers (@JoostBroekers) March 24, 2023

First of all, I would have had to look down to take off a watch – I wouldn’t have been able to do it blind, under a table, but maybe men’s watches are different for men’s (arguably?) clumsy fingers. Second of all, there’s a debate about the model and price of the watch – while many tweets claimed that Macron wore a watch worth something like 80,000 Euros, it’s much more likely that he was wearing a recent favorite, a £2,100 BRV 1-92 model by Bell & Ross. While a $2500 watch is out of range of most men, for a man in his position (president of France), that’s actually not really some big-ticket item. I remember when French peeps took issue with Sarkozy wearing a pricey Rolex during his term in office – this piece is at least French and a more affordable option for some men.

Also: there’s some debate about why Macron removed his watch mid-debate. Was he removing a luxury item while talking about pension reform specifically so he wouldn’t look like a raging hypocrite? Or did he remove his watch because he was gesticulating so much, he kept inadvertently banging his watch on the table?

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