World’s oldest YouTuber who has millions of fans dies aged 107

The world’s oldest YouTube star has passed away at the age of 107.

Mastanamma, from Andhra Pradesh, India, gained millions of fans with her cooking tutorials on her YouTube Channel Country Foods .

Her grandson set up the page in 2016 and she’s since shared a huge selection of videos for different dishes.

The clips show her cooking while sitting in an field in her village, using her nails to peel vegetables and serving dishes on a banana leaf.

One of her best known dishes was watermelon chicken.

Her family announced her death by sharing videos of her body in a coffin on her page earlier this week.

The three clips show her coffin being driven around her village while people pay their respects.

Speaking about the channel in 2017, her grandson Laxman said: "Initially it was for fun but then it went viral. People who live in cities totally forget the traditional way of cooking. I wanted to show how people used to cook traditionally in the olden days.

"After thinking about it, I was searching for a suitable person, then I thought of my grandmother, Mastanamma."

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