WWE's Lacey Evans Stays in Character for 'Nasty' Canadian Speeding Ticket

This is absolutely awesome … WWE star Lacey Evans did NOT break character for one iota of a second while being pulled over by cops in Canada. Now, THAT is nasty.

The southern belle wrestling personality recorded an encounter she had with police in Edmonton, Alberta over the weekend — where she was being given a ticket for allegedly speeding down the highway. To non-WWE fans, it might’ve come off as intense.

In the video that Lacey posted to her own social media, you can see her get pretty testy with the relatively friendly and polite officer. Oh, Canada … never change.

As he comes back to her car to hand her the ticket, Lacey goes off on him … demanding to know whether he even knows who the hell she is. It’s hilarious … he definitely doesn’t.

Lacey accepts the ticket with some major attitude, even go so far as to drop her signature catchphrase … telling the cops he’s “nasty” for doing what he did. The guy tells her to have a good day, and she fires back by wishing him a terrible day.

He ends leaving it as politely as he started, welcoming Lacey to Edmonton with a wave and smile. Lacey captioned her tweet, ” 1.Canada is terrible. 2. You know Exactly who I am. 3. You will be speaking to my lawyer. #YaNasty.” True to form, we must say.

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Lacey’s known for saying “nasty” A LOT on WWE, whether she’s kicking ass in the ring or lecturing rambunctious co-workers from the stage. Talk about commitment, huh?

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