YouTuber Emma Monden, Who Was Rejected From USC, Reacts To Olivia Jade’s College Cheating Scandal

All of us pretty much know what’s going on with the Olivia Jade and her mom Lori Laughlin‘s college cheating scandal.

If you don’t, here’s a brief explainer: Lori was one of the dozens charged in the college admissions scam, which involved them paying elite colleges and universities including Yale, Georgetown, the University of Southern California and Stanford to guarantee admissions for their children.

Now, Emma Monden is giving fans a unique perspective on it, as she was rejected from the same college Olivia got into with the help of her mom’s “donations”.

Emma explains that the biggest part she has a hard time with is that “being someone who applied to USC last year and it was literally all I wanted in the world…it was something that inspired me and it was the reason I worked so hard in high school because I had that end goal in mind.”

She continues, “Seeing someone get handed that admission that didn’t work for it, it’s just hard to be completely honest…”

“I had stacked up on AP and honors classes, I got an SAT tutor, so I knew the best strategies for taking that test and I paid for it with my own money…I tried to do everything in my power to give me the best shot of getting into that school.”

Ultimately, USC did reject Emma‘s application and she ended up going to school as UC Irvine.

You can check out Emma‘s full video below about the scandal:

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