10 Most Expensive Nike Shoes Of 2019

Over the years, Nike has harnessed quite the fashionable reputation for itself. And particularly since street style became a thing you’d expect to see on the most lavish Paris runways, sneakers being perceived as the kind of shoes only athletes and people who don’t care about fashion wear is an incredibly outdated notion.

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Now more than ever, sneakers are associated with fame and fortune. They consist of some of the most pricey items celebrities can be seen rocking on the street and on stage—everyone from Kanye West to the Kardashian sisters and Bella Hadid. It’s been 55 years since the company started fabricating sneakers. Let’s take a look at what the brand has been doing lately. Here are the most expensive pairs of Nike shoes of 2019!

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10 Nike Joyride Run Flyknit By You – $200

Nike has come a long way when it comes to making their customers happy. And because we are living in the age of customization, the first pair we have to introduce to you is only one of many that can be customized just for you. Not only can you change up the color, you can also add a message of your liking!

Durable materials and foam beads come together to make these the perfect example of fashion meets fitness. Whether you’re going for a run, making a quick trip to the grocery store, or hitting the club with your friends, the Nike Joyride Run Flyknit are here. They currently go for $200 a pair, so start saving up!

9 Nike Joyride CC3 Setter By You – $200

Yet another super customizable pair, the Nike Joyride CC3 Setter by You allow you to do all sorts of crazy things. Want to add coloraturas? There’s an option for that. Want to choose the finish for the leather details? Yup, that’s totally possible. Would you rather imprint a message on the tongue? Well, go ahead!

A slightly different model from the previous ones, these are probably best used when going for a long walk or a steep run. However, their futuristic look are the perfect way to ensure you will make every pair of eyes turn your way once you walk into a room. These babies also go for $200 a pair.

8 Nike Air VaporMax Plus – $210

Well, hello there! If you are the kind of guy or gal that simply loves the retro style, and in particular, shoes that bring back a blast from the past, then look no further. The Nike Air VaporMax Plus are inspired by the brand’s Air Max Plus from 1998. There’s not a single 90s kid that won’t fall head over heels for these!

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You can choose between the black, noble red, and silver colors. But whatever route you choose to take when it comes to buying this model, keep in mind two things – first, it’ll set you back $210. And second, it will officially grant you the title of vintage icon among your peers.

7 Nike Air Max 97 Premium By You – $210

No, this is not a drill. Nike really did that and launched several models that you can customize to your liking. Who doesn’t love a brand that goes above and beyond to ensure customers get what they really want? Particularly when it comes to this neat pair of Nike Air Max 97 Premium.

Much like its Nike Joyride CC3 Setter and Nike Joyride Run Flyknit counterparts, you can play around with colors, finish, and messaging. Bonus points for being able to go retro by adding jelly accents. Everything is neon, and we are 100% here for it. It might cost you $210, but you will look like one stylish individual.

6 Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite FG – $250

Football players all across the world, rejoice! There will be plenty of football boots in this list to filial of your hearts’ desire. And kicking it off is the Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite FG model, perfect for the aspiring athlete living inside of you. You can choose between white and hydrogen blue, so versatility isn’t a problem.

Perfect for all weathers, you can rest assured that whether it’s rain or shine, you’ll be able to hit practice or a game with your friends without having to worry about a thing. Plus, they’re built with maximum speed in mind! They can be yours for the sum of $250.

5 Nike Phantom Venom Elite FG – $250

Speaking of football boots…here’s the second model Nike has to present to you this year. Available in white, obsidian, and black, there’s truly something for everyone. These babies are particularly comfortable and easy to wear, since they were built to instantly adapt to your feet and guarantee you a win.

Upon being developed, designers kept in mind what the use for them with be. So if you’re thinking about going into the field and making your adversaries weep, the Nike Phantom Venom Elite FG are perfect for you. Powerful and precise, a pair will set you back $250.

4 LeBron x John Elliott Icon – $250

Footwear fans are always suckers for any pair of shoes that pays homage to iconic people. And hold and behold, the LeBron x John Elliot Icon model is a tribute to one of the greatest legends of all time. Mixing LeBron’s sporty vibe with John Elliott’s aesthetic, these shoes are nothing like you’ve seen before.

You can choose between the white and baby pink models, but whatever way you decide to go, know that John Elliot designed these two thinking about LeBron walking into a game. If you’re looking to feel as powerful as a this legend, then this model is for you – if you’re willing to pay $250, that is.

3 Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite Tech Craft FG – $250

Yes, we’re back on the football boot series! We warned you there would plenty of these to go around. Let us not forget that, first and foremost, Nike makes shoes and apparel for athletes and sports-savvy people. And they do a pretty good job with it!

The Nike Mercurial VaporMax 13 Elite Tech Craft FG model is only available in black. But considering all the other elements, it’s safe to assume you won’t mind going classic! Designed for speed and traction, the leather details turn an already incredible display of design into an iconic fashion piece. For $250, you too can feel like the ultimate football player. Worth the price tag, that’s all we can say.

2 Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Elite FG – $270

The Nike Mercurial Superfly Elite FG model represents a substantial improvement to the previous pair. So even if you already broke the bank buying it, you might want to consider investing the $270 these go for. After all, when it comes to football boots, it’s all about getting the best gear to become the best player!

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Okay, we’re obviously exaggerating. But the traction on this model is truly remarkable, and its built using the 360-degree Flyknit, which guarantees that they will fit your feet like a second skin. Plus, you can actually design your own! Just like previous item from this list, Nike allows you to go crazy with creativity.

1 Nike Phantom Vision Elite Dynamic Fit FG – $270

And last, but certainly not least, it’s the Nike Phantom Vision Elite Dynamic Fit FG, the $270 football model closing the list for Nike’s most expensive shoes of 2019. Most suitable for slightly wet grass, this is one of the ultimate pieces for footballers out there in the market. For now, of course!

You can also take a shot at designing your own pair, but if you feel like the company knows what it’s doing, you can also choose from the white, volt, and black options. There really is no way to go wrong here. Christmas really isn’t that far away, so you might want to consider bringing the family together to chip in for a pair of these.

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