21 Seasonal Candles That Will Make Your Home Smell Like A Winter Wonderland

While the weather outside is frightful (and let’s face it, the other shoppers are too), our homes are sure delightful, thanks to these incredibly festive votives. Whether you like the smell of pine needles or pumpkin pie, we’ve found an aroma to lift your spirits this time of year. Bonus: Encased in eye-catching packaging, each is sure to be a crowd pleaser, or impress a hostess. Click through to find the perfect fragrance to warm a friend or a loved one’s home (or just to cozy up with yourself).

Nothing quite evokes a relaxing vibe like vanilla. You’ll find the ingredient is well-balanced — not at all saccharine — in these offerings.

The brand’s debut candle combines the creamy note with comforting musk. 

$45; thedrybar.com

Here, its edible appeal is amplified with caramel, coffee and an intoxicating twist: Whiskey.

$55; commodityfragrances.com

Heady tuberose gives the sweet scent an extra sensual effect.

$70; bloomingdales.com

Can’t escape to a cozy cabin this winter? Then spice up your space with these robust votives.

It’s the perfect accompaniment to a hot cider by the fireplace.

$49; saks.com

Sparking a candle can instantly relax the mind, but this botanical blend (chamomile, lavender, and vetiver) is especially soothing during the often-stressful season.

$65; umaoils.com

This unique combination pairs the essence of minerals with the faint sweetness of fig.

$58; spinellikilcollin.com 

There’s no need to squeeze a Christmas tree into your home to evoke a sense of holiday cheer. Instead: Stock up on these evergreen aromas.

A hint of citrus, cinnamon and clove make this find especially festive.

$15.99; yankeecandle.com

Even better than this candle’s invigorating fragrance? The fact that the wax can be used to give your mate a massage.

$29; rituals.com

Sales from this fir-scented votive go to UNICEF to help provide solar power systems for families without electricity.

$55; starlingproject.org

There’s nothing summery about these fresh apple, berry and bergamot scented picks — which have been re-mixed with seasonal notes for an unmistakably merry feel.

Its slightly sweet citrus (there’s a bit of vanilla to quell its zest) delights the senses. 

$21; cloveandhallow.com

Any hostess would be thrilled to receive this candle, which features the party-perfect note of sparkling champagne, plus iced sugar crystals and red apple. 

$24.50; bathandbodyworks.com

Like a tarte in a jar, this candle is comprised of two delicious scents: Just plucked figs and berries.

$35; keapbk.com

Warm up particularly chilly winter days by sparking up one of these fragrant blends.

The embossed golden glass may make you feel like this candle is too pretty to burn, but once you get a whiff of the cardamom and Japanese Hinoki blend, you won’t be able to resist.

$22; nordstrom.com

What do you get when you combine cinnamon bark, clove bud, ginger, nutmeg and sandalwood? The quintessential holiday scent.

$78; bloomingdales.com

Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest candle gets its smokiness from frakincense, cedar and a sprinkle of black pepper.

$165; goop.com

Warning: These candles smell so delectable, guests will swear you’ve baked a masterpiece.

It will fill your home with the aroma of a pumpkin pie in a fraction of the time it’d take to make a real one.

$11.50; hillhousenaturals.com

This votive will make any space smell like scrumptious sugar cookies, no oven necessary!

$16; sephora.com

Light up this limited edition candle to conjure up the scent of a tangy tart.

$205; nordstrom.com

If you’re a sucker for chestnuts roasting on an open fire, then you won’t be able to resist a whiff of these nutty and smoky votives.

It’s the next best thing to curling up in front of an an IRL hearth.

$62; nordstrom.com

An unexpected tobacco note adds even more depth to this moody aroma.

$68; phlur.com

The combination of blood orange from Italy (hence the color of the wax) with wood and cloves evokes a luxe ski chalet. 

$70 (for 6.5 oz.); barneys.com

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