5 Spring Skincare Tips From Celeb Facialist Cynthia Franco

Red carpets may appear to be all about the glitz and glamour, but celebrity esthetician Cynthia Franco Opens a New Window. says it’s mostly an illusion.

“The red carpet looks so glamorous doesn’t it? Truth is, most celebrities are traveling and promoting campaigns and a lack of sleep and air travel can wreak havoc on even the most cared for skin,” she tells Us — and that’s exactly where her complexion and body-saving services come in.

As an at-home facialist and bodyworker who works with stars like Amber Heard Opens a New Window. , Salma Hayek and more, Franco’s multi-modality approach combines everything from message therapy and infrared body wraps to facials and microcurrent treatments, with each treatment individually tailored to her clients’ needs.

“Their concerns are typically a lack of hydration, under-eye circles, face puffiness, bloating and dull, tired skin with the occasional hormonal breakout caused by the hectic schedules,” she says of her red carpet clientele. “First and foremost, I focus on relaxation for my clients so that their spirit is nurtured. Next, I tackle the skin and body issues with skill and intent.”

When it comes to keeping skin in tip-top shape, Franco says maintenance is key. In addition to regular treatments like lymphatic massages, non-irritating exfoliation, microcurrent and light therapies, she believes in “a good skin routine at home” — and she’s telling Us her secrets.

Since we’re not all be #blessed with regular trips to see a pro like Franco, she has plenty of tips and tricks for breaking free of winter’s dullness and dryness to reveal fresh, glowing skin for spring. Keep scrolling for all her seasonal skincare suggestions!

Keep Your Routine Consistent

To get yourself on a path to perfect skin a la Salma Hayek, Franco says it’s all about finding what works and sticking with it — with a few exceptions, of course. “Consistency is key to a good skincare routine, however, depending on where you live, the changing of seasons can bring some challenges,” she shares. “Using an oil-free, lightweight moisturizer with humectants during the warmer months is recommended, while colder months command richer ingredients like shea butter and oils to protect the skin from dryness and flaking.”

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Don’t Forget About Your Body

In case you forgot, your skin is your largest organ and it’s not just on your face. “Don’t forget the body,” she emphasizes. “Dry brushing, body peels and detoxes will do wonders.” Her signature treatment is the aptly named “Head to Toe Glow” — a full-body physical exfoliation and lymphatic oil massage paired with cupping or a cellulite massage. She then wraps clients — cocoon style — in a infrared heated blanket (see above!) for 50 minutes to “sweat and detox.” In the meantime, she gets to work on the face with a “deep-cleansing anti-aging facial,” which includes a lifting massage, enzyme peel, microcurrent and more that she administers with “lots of love.” Hey, no one ever said good skin comes easy!

Credit: Courtesy of Cynthia M. Franco/Instagram

Invest in These 3 Things

While skincare routines are super personal, there are a trio of products the facialist believes everyone should use for Amber Heard-level radiance: a non-comedogenic (i.e. one that doesn’t clog your pores) sunscreen, a stable vitamin C and a good retinol. 

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Cleanse, Exfoliate, Repeat

Whether you treat yourself to professional services or not, Franco says there are a few things everyone can and should be doing to achieve and maintain healthy skin like model Valery Kaufman. For starters, “always wash your skin at the end of the day” (see, your mom wasn’t lying when she bugged you about not going to bed with your makeup on). Additionally, she says it’s important to exfoliate “at least once a week with a good enzyme or acid” product and moisturize afterward. From there, she likes the idea of masking every week as well and investing in an at-home microcurrent device “for that added glow and lift.”

Credit: Courtesy of Cynthia M. Franco/Instagram

Love the Skin You’re In

Sure, it’s always fun to pamper yourself (like Amber Heard’s fab gold mask situation!), but Franco says good skin comes from within. “Diet is important and so is emotional health,” she shares. “What is going on inside manifests outward.” In addition to eating a clean diet rich in “fruits, raw vegetables and healthy fats,” she swears by exercise to bring the “oxygen and energy to your skin that it craves.” But fair warning: don’t forget to wash up post-workout. “Just be sure to shower off afterwards because you are detoxing and don’t want bacteria sitting on your skin and causing breakouts.” Ultimately, skincare is all taking care of yourself — physically and mentally. “Be aware of what inflames your body. It will also show on your skin. Sugar, alcohol, and fast food lead to dull, dehydrated and irritated skin,” she says. “And remember to send accepting and loving thoughts to yourself always.”

Credit: Courtesy of Cynthia M. Franco/Instagram

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