A guy I matched with wet himself when he saw photos of me – he was on a plane and gave a detailed account of everything

WHETHER it's a toe-curling cheesy chat-up line or a crude joke, there's plenty of reasons singletons quickly end a dating app chat before it's evenbegun.

But for Liz Cam, from the UK, the guy she matched with took things to a whole new stomach-churning level.

Taking to TikTok, she shared a screenshot of the bizarre text exchange with the man in question, known only as Allen, who she had never met.

He explained how he had a confession he wasn't sure if he should admit, before quickly deciding he “needed to vent.”

Liz replied joking that there’s nothing like venting to a complete stranger at 11pm, before giving him to go-ahead to get the issue off his chest.


However, little did she know she was about to get the shock of her life…

Allen's message read: “I’m on a plane and don’t want to wake the two girls up next to me so I’ve been holding my pee and I’m convinced your photo just made me go.

I’m sort of in a panic.” 

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Taking it in good humour, Liz quipped: “Hahaha! That is better than anything I could’ve imagined you saying.”

In response, Allen replied: “I like want to laugh too but I more so want to cry. Haha. I’m freaking the hell out. I don’t know the girls I’m sitting next to.”

Despite Liz suggesting he just wake the strangers up, it appeared it was too late.

“You don’t understand. I WENT,” he confessed. “I was looking at your pictures and literally it happened. I couldn’t stop.”

Not knowing how to respond, Liz joked: “I mean, I’ve never had someone pee because of my looks but thank you.”

She then urged Allen to change.

“This has turned into a very embarrassing situation with you. Haha I regret the confession but tbh I needed to vent.” 

And social media users were just as gobsmacked by the unusual revelation.

"Please read this exact conversation at your wedding," joked one, while a second wrote: "I need to know what this man did next."

A third penned: "I am hysterical right now. LMFAOOOO.'

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "I feel so lucky to have found this."

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