Aerie Leggings Are All Over TikTok But Everyone's Missing the Brand's Best Pair

Over the past year or so, TikTok has become a big source of fashion inspiration for myself and its millions of users. The social media app has propelled an array of products into virality, causing shopping frenzies and major sellouts for brands. One style in particular that's been hard to get as a result has been Aerie's high-waisted crossover leggings.

They rose to fame last November when user @hannahschlenker posted a video of herself dancing in them. Everyone in the comments was freaking out over the figure-flattering design of their cross-waistband. Even my younger sister wanted a pair for Christmas.  

So when the brand offered to send me some leggings, I, of course, jumped at the chance to test them. I received two high-waisted styles from the Offline Real Me collection: the Crossover Flare Legging and the Ribbed Legging. As it turns out, the TikTok-famous leggings weren't my favorite of the two. Okay, so yes, they were good, but I actually preferred the other pair thanks to one genius design. 

Shop now: $38.46 (orig. $54.95);

The ribbed detailing on the waistband not only looks cute, but it makes the leggings extremely comfortable around my waist. They're made from a buttery soft, compressive nylon-elastane blend, and the thick band doesn't cut into my stomach like other pairs I own. The ribbing stretches in a way that lets me move freely. I've worn them through indoor cycling classes, ab workouts, and HITT routines, and they don't feel restrictive or roll down. A major bonus is that they don't have a center seam, which means no awkward camel toe. 

My leggings drawer is overflowing with pairs from various brands, but these ones from Aerie are always my go-to now. They're so dang comfy, I wear them to lounge around my apartment or to run errands — and I'm not the only one who loves them. While they haven't racked up thousands of five-star ratings, those who have left reviews have plenty of positive things to say about them.

"Absolutely love these," one customer wrote. "Just enough support around legs and butt, but still super comfortable around the stomach. I love how [the] ribbed parts look with leggings as a whole as well. Can wear them to the gym or out to town!"

Another chimed in, "I order religiously off of Aerie and these are one of my favorite leggings I have! They fit so well, [are] stretchy, and don't feel as tight as normal ribbed leggings."

Good news if you want a pair: The Aerie leggings are currently on sale for under $40. (Peep the super cute matching sports bra that I always wear with them that's also discounted.) The ribbed leggings are available in sage green — the color I own — along with three other earth tone colors, and they come in sizes XXS to XXL with three different inseam options.

You read it here first: The Aerie High-Waisted Ribbed Leggings are bound to go viral soon. Do yourself a favor and grab a pair before TikTok makes them sell out! 

Shop now: $38.46 (orig. $54.95); 

Shop now: $38.46 (orig. $54.95); 

Shop now: $38.46 (orig. $54.95);

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