Annie Murphy's Most Relatable Fashion Moments — None of Which Are a Little Bit Alexis

And Fancy Going-Out Dresses Just Look Cuter With a Funny Face

Schitt’s Creek star Annie Murphy has said time and time again that she doesn’t dress like her TV character Alexis Rose in real life (though she has kept a few treasures from Alexis’s wardrobe, like the “A” necklace she wore to accept her 2020 Emmy). That being said, we needed to do our own research to know for sure that Murphy really does like to keep it casual, unlike her alter ego, Alexis, who has very expensive taste.

Sure enough, most of Annie’s style moves are completely relatable, and we’ve made pretty much every single one of them ourselves. Accidentally wearing white Chucks on the beach with a denim tuxedo? Been there. Coordinating with our besties and following up with a “look back at it” photo shoot? Yup, totally. Dressing up like our dogs in sweats? Heck yes.

If you scroll back far enough on her Instagram feed, you’ll even find her boho-inspired, laidback wedding day look, which would be perfect these days for brides tying the knot at simple ceremonies or City Hall. We also have to call out the fact that no one balances a leather jacket on their shoulders as expertly as Annie Murphy. It’s hidden talents like that that we can really appreciate.

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