Bride has heart sewn into her wedding dress in heartbreaking tribute to her granddad

A BRIDE has paid sweet tribute to her late grandfather by incorporating his old favourite t-shirt into her wedding dress.

Sharing photos of the heartbreaking detail on Facebook, one of the guests wrote: "I noticed the bride had a little heart on her dress."

When discussing it with other guests at the wedding, the woman continued: "I told them I'd never seen that before and thought it was a nice little touch.

"They go on to tell me that the bride and her late grandfather had a really close relationship.

"To honour his memory, she had a piece of his favourite t-shirt sewn into her dress. Uhhh… speechless and watery eyes!"

After being shared on a wedding Facebook group, others members were equally as touched and said they'd be replicating the tributes to their own loved ones on their big day.

One replied: "What a selfless thing to do – she really loved her grandfather, very touching."

Another added: "My dad passed away in April. The wedding date is 9/12/2020. This may happen."

"We went to a wedding in April," a third wrote. "The bride's father has passed away so they had a chair for him with a flower on it."

Meanwhile, another shared a photo of two hearts interlocking on her wedding dress which were made out of late granddad's overalls and her gran's flannel.

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