Bride’s wedding gown roasted for looking like a swimsuit – especially as she waded into the SEA to pose in it – The Sun

A BRIDE has been slammed for wearing a wedding dress that some Facebook users deemed to look more like swimsuit than a classy gown.

A photo was shared of the anonymous woman’s white dress which featured cut-out sheer panels and was captured as she waded into the sea.

The image was shared in a wedding shaming group with the caption: “I believe this was a spur of the moment decision to get married while they were on vacation (they were engaged.)

“But… even if it was last second… there’s NO excuse for that dress. And to wade out in the water in said dress….IDK man.”

Many people agreed that the wedding gown was a little bit inappropriate for such a special day.

One person wrote: “Are we sure this isn’t a bathing suit cover?”

Meanwhile, another person added: “That top looks like an awful leotard for baton twirling or something.”

And one shamer commented: “This is a bachelorette party dress – not a wedding dress.”

However a Facebook user did leap to her defence, and wrote: “Jealous of her tan tho.”

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