Britney Spears Looks Like Brigitte Bardot In A Swimsuit: Sexy Campaign For New Perfume, Provocative

The blonde bombshell legacy has passed on from Brigitte Bardot to Britney Spears, as the ‘Toxic’ singer proved in a promotional video for her new perfume! See the resemblance, here.

Britney Spears, 37, is taking cues from the French. The “Womanizer” singer donned a high pony in a campaign video for her Provocative perfume, much like the hair bump that French actress Brigitte Bardot, 84, often rocked in her heyday! But that wasn’t her only wink to the past in the video posted on Dec. 18. Britney spritzed her body with her new perfume while wearing a pinup swimsuit, a style that dominated the ’50s and ’60s…the decades that Brigitte rocked the big screen and magazine covers! The pop star not only showed off her historical references, but her fitness skills too. Watch her lift weights, all while in a swimsuit, below!

We were also treated to flashes of a man’s six-pack, proving that this new perfume is not limited to the ladies. It’s Britney’s first unisex perfume, after releasing 23 scents prior! “There is no judgments and no labels and it’s just, it’s very fresh and empowerment for women and I think for men and women,” she told ET in July. “I feel like it’s powerful and sexy for girls for empowerment and to have a little bit of a ego and it’s OK to toot your own horn…It’s really important these days.”

We’re loving the nonbinary message that Britney’s promoting with Prerogative, which shares the namesake of her 2004 remake of Bobby Brown’s song, “My Prerogative.” And we’re also loving that this mother of two, who just rang in her 37th birthday on Dec. 2, still flaunts her hot bod. Her abs haven’t aged since her 2001 track, “I’m A Slave 4 U”…throw a ball python around Britney’s shoulders, and we couldn’t tell the difference between then and now!

The weights that Britney plays with above aren’t just for show. She’s a workout queen, as proven by the steady stream of fitness videos she posts to Instagram. It’s no wonder she’s still looking like a French sex symbol as she nears 40!

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