Carole Middleton says her 'biggest fear' was 'losing' daughter Kate

Carole, who is granny to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis revealed she used to fret that her family would grow apart.

In an interview with The Telegraph, which took place close to the family home, Bucklebury Manor, Carole spoke about her children – Kate, Pippa and James.

"My biggest fear was that I’d lose my family, but we’ve stayed close," she revealed.

"There are times when they say, 'Can you do this, or that?' and I can’t quite. But they like the fact that I work.

"I’d like to find space to do more stuff I love, but my family are paramount."


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"They come first and that will always be the case, even when I have more me time," the 63-year-old continued.

Carole – who runs party supplies business, Party Pieces, also praised Prince William and revealed her hopes that son James will settle down soon.

"I have two lovely sons-in-law," she said.

"I hope I’ll have a lovely daughter-in-law."

While speaking about her children, Carole – who is married to Michael Middleton, 69 – explained she would have liked to have had five or six, had circumstances allowed.

And when it comes to setting up a successful business like Party Pieces, Carole advised: "Make sure whatever you do doesn’t compromise your family, because that becomes untenable.

"And don’t be afraid to ask questions.

"Find someone you trust who can really support you."

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