Channel Rihanna, Bella and Gigi with these 11 pairs of oversized, slouchy jeans

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Forget skinnies, kickflares and straights: this spring, it’s all about the supersized, XXL baggy jeans.

In the pantheon of jeans, not all were created equally. From skinny (which are now cheugy, FYI) to wide-legged inky indigo flares, there are jeans and then there are those that exist in an entirely different realm to the rest thanks to their comfort, ease and simplicity.

Fashion’s current flirtation with supersized baggy jeans has, in case you’re wondering, bumped all other denim creations to the back of the queue. These are jeans that, after endorsements from Gigi, Bella et al, have enjoyed a speedy ascent to the fashion fore.

The thought of baggy jeans may fill you with dread, and for that you wouldn’t be alone, but there are ways to make this roomy family of denim work for you. With ye olde faithful stomper boots, they’re a breezy dream. With a fitted T-shirt, trainers and a trench coat, they’re smart-casualwear made simple. They are the form of denim that isn’t constraining or restrictive –  but just downright wonderful. Don’t believe us? Just try out one of these pairs for proof and see for yourself.  

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  • Asos Design Curve slouchy mum jeans

    Asos Design Curve slouchy mum jeans

    Forget dad jeans, this summer it’s all about the mum jeans. Slightly roomier, more capacious yet nipped-in in all the right places, this slouchy pair of denims will stand the test of time.

    Shop Asos Design Curve slouchy mum jeans, £25


  • Cos wide-leg low-rise jeans

    Cos wide-leg low-rise jeans

    The thought of low-rise jeans might fill you with dread, but don’t let it. Simply embrace this true-blue pair and wear with elevated sandals all summer long.

    Shop Cos wide-leg low-rise jeans, £79


  • The Ragged Priest low-rise baggy jeans

    The Ragged Priest low-rise baggy jeans

    Baggy jeans needn’t just be crafted from true blues and inky blacks, embrace colour with this salmon-toned pair courtesy of The Ragged Priest.

    Shop The Ragged Priest low-rise baggy jeans at Free People, £88


  • Lucy & Yak Cole jeans

    Lucy & Yak Cole jeans

    Lucy & Yak is the brand known for its comfort-first wares, and its denim department is no exception. A truly forever pair of baggy jeans if ever we saw them.

    Shop Lucy & Yak Cole jeans, £55


  • Asos Design Curve dad jeans

    Asos Design Curve dad jeans

    Acid wash and baggy jeans might sound like an 80s fever dream, but they come together seamlessly in this pair courtesy of Asos.

    Shop Asos Design Curve dad jeans, £25


  • Anthropologie Pilcro The Pleated baggy jeans

    Anthropologie Pilcro The Pleated baggy jeans

    With a light and fluid silhouette, Anthropologie’s baggy jeans are a dream come true for those who love their trews easy and breezy.

    Shop Anthropologie Pilcro The Pleated baggy jeans, £120


  • Levi’s high-waisted mom jeans

    Levi’s high-waisted mom jeans

    What Levi’s doesn’t know about jeans isn’t worth knowing. Its high-waisted mom jeans are perfect for down days when nothing else will suffice but jeans-and-a-nice-top.

    Shop Levi’s high-waisted mom jeans, £60


  • Cotton On baggy straight jeans

    Cotton On baggy straight jeans

    Cotton On is the basics brand worth noting. Known for its simple shirts and no-messing-around fashion, even its jeans are a total wonder.

    Shop Cotton On baggy straight jeans, £35


  • Pangaia women’s hemp high-rise jeans

    Pangaia women’s hemp high-rise jeans

    The brand known for its stellar sweats has branched into denim for the first time, and to rapturous applause from fashion insiders. Opt for this dark blue pair and size up for the super-baggy fit.

    Shop Pangaia women’s hemp high-rise jeans, £170


  • Asos Collusion baggy extreme dad jeans

    Asos Collusion baggy extreme dad jeans

    Asos’ baggy oversized jeans are perfect when they look like they’ve been beaten up a bit, and this slightly acid-washed pair is a case in point. 

    Shop Asos Collusion baggy extreme dad jeans, £21


  • Gap high-rise 90s jeans

    Gap high-rise 90s jeans

    With a slightly nostalgic 90s touch to them, Gap’s high-waisted retro jeans are a no-brainer. Wear with an oversized crew-neck sweatshirt and New Balances for the style set’s favourite way to wear them.

    Shop Gap high-rise 90s jeans, £45


Images: Asos; courtesy of brands.

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