Chef shows how to make Nutella ice cream in minutes with just two ingredients and NO special equipment

WHENEVER Nutella ice cream is on the menu, there's never any doubt in our minds that THAT'S what we'll be ordering.

But while we normally only tuck into this sweet treat at nice restaurants and posh ice cream shops, one talented chef has revealed how we can make it at HOME – and it couldn't be any easier.

Sharing their super simple recipe with their 127,000 Instagram followers, the chefs behind The Cake Mail explained how the method didn't require any special equipment.

To make the ice cream at home, all you'll need is a half-empty Nutella jar, some extra-thick double cream and access to a freezer.

Better still, the preparation time takes mere minutes to do.

To begin with, the man pours the cream in the jar until it's full and then giving it a thorough shake.

Once he's satisfied that it has mixed, he then pops it in the freezer to set.

After a couple of hours, the man then films himself enjoying the delicious homemade ice cream.

And did we mention there's absolutely no washing up either? Yep, they'll be no guesses as to how we'll be spending our weekends.

"One of the easiest recipes we’ve ever made," the captioned the clip. "Who would love this?"

Needless to say, the ice cream was a hit with followers – and dozens of people started tagging their mates in the comments.

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