Chinese Zodiac: What is the Earth Monkey horoscope and what year is it?

CHINESE astrology is based on animals and how their characteristics embody the year you were born in. 

The Earth Monkey represents those born in 1968.

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What year is the Earth Monkey?

Chinese zodiac signs identify birth years with certain animals including the Rat, the Ox, the Tiger, the Rabbit, the Dragon, the Snake, the Horse, the Goat, the Monkey, the Rooster, the Dog and the Pig.

The Monkey is the ninth animal in the 12-year cycle and is also given to those born in 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, and 2016.

The Earth Monkey is a sub-component of the Monkey in the Chinese zodiac. 

Each zodiac sign has its own element: Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal and Water, which add more uniqueness and characteristics to the sign.

Other years of the Monkey

Those born under the Monkey zodiac are witty, intelligent, and very curious. 

They are mischievous and enjoy playing pranks on those around them. 

Monkeys are quick to their feet and don’t let anyone tell them what to do, they’re always one step ahead.

Some notable Earth Monkeys are: Celine Dion and Hugh Jackman.

Characteristics and personalities of the Earth Monkey

Terrific, hugely entertaining and as genuine a heart as you're likely to encounter. 

The Earth Monkey is rock solid and so together.

These characters are brilliant multi-taskers, so well organized and proficient in everything they do. 

They’re also very sociable. Their lust for life and generous nature never fails to entice.

Types of Monkeys

Metal Monkey: Bright and good public speakers, jokers, not very popular but highly successful.

Earth Monkey: Cheerful and optimistic, are never afraid of difficulties, hardworking and easily able to enjoy things. 

Wood Monkey: Energetic but lack confidence, they help their friends but need encouragement, can be workaholics but are successful. 

Fire Monkey: Dreamers and goal-oriented, adventurous, hot-tempered and steady achievers. 

Water Monkey: Love attention, they are natural-born leaders but are also highly arrogant and know-it-alls.

Other types of Zodiac animals combined with the Earth element

  • The Earth Rat
  • The Earth Ox
  • The Earth Tiger
  • The Earth Rabbit
  • The Earth Dragon
  • The Earth Snake
  • The Earth Horse
  • The Earth Goat
  • The Earth Monkey
  • The Earth Rooster
  • The Earth Dog
  • The Earth Pig

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